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Staying in. Try HotelPlanner. Pick-up location. Drop-off location. Pick-up time. Drop-off date. All our top travel offers, deals, insider tips and inspiration. Special offers Save on flights, hotels, cruises, vacation packages and more. See Deals. Newsletters Join for free and get our tailored newsletters full of hot travel deals. Sign up. If you can, pick a day and time when the demand for your flight is low. Google Flights will show you the best days based on the flight you want, but weekday, early morning, and overnight flights are generally cheaper.

Bizarrely, the cost of two seats on a flight is sometimes more than double the cost of one. The Twitter accounts theflightdeal , secretflying , and airfarespot are dedicated solely to informing you of amazing deals on flights, so Greg and Jumi recommend taking advantage of them.

Go figure. Takeaways: The end of the week Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are looking to be the best days to book cheap flights.

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Flying out on a weekend will up the cost significantly, so we'd suggest not doing a Saturday or Sunday unless you have no other choice. There are obviously the months where everyone is traveling for the holidays, and the months when everyone is going on summer vacation, so it's easy to predict when airlines know they can surge their prices and still get people to bite the bait.

One thing to keep in mind here is that time of year is pretty much the only factor international or domestic matters, and where exactly you're going.

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Whether you're flying economy or being fancy in premium is also a factor. February had the lowest international economy cost, and September had the lowest domestic ATPs. December is the most expensive time to fly internationally, while June is the most expensive time to fly domestically. As for premium flights, October had the highest international ATPs, while December had the lowest which is weird, as December was costly for economy flights.

In Asia, premium prices were highest mid-year, between September and April. Their suggestions are as follows:. Flying out in winter: Book 62 days in advance, with the prime booking window being 21 to days from travel. Flying out in spring: Book 90 days in advance, with the prime booking window being 46 to days in advance. Flying out in summer: 47 days in advance, with the prime booking window being 14 to days in advance.

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Flying out in fall: 69 days in advance, with the prime booking window being 21 to days from travel. Aside from the week surrounding Thanksgiving, fall is good for leisure travel as most people have gotten their big trips out of the way over summer. Winter holidays are obviously popular travel times, so it's kind of hard to get out of that if you're visiting family — or trying to go to Disney World for Christmas.

If you can put off going on a winter trip until January or February, the lower cost will be worth the wait. In summer, they suggest booking even farther ahead of time than the average suggests, especially in July. If you need cheap flights for summer vacation, you'll find the best deals in August and September. Spring actually turned out to be the trickiest time to buy, and it's the season that requires the most planning ahead.

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It's not a huge travel season, but discrepancies with spring break causes some serious fluctuation. And then there's the discussion between buying ahead of time or waiting until the last minute. It would make sense to be on top of things and purchase in advance, but then you may think "If I wait until the last minute, they'll be wanting to get rid of tickets quickly and will lower the price. Heads up: Waiting until the last minute to find plummeting prices isn't a thing. Unless you find out last minute that you have to go somewhere, just don't put yourself in this situation.

The Expedia and ARC report from officially debunked the last minute myth : "For both economy and premium air travel leaving from North America, Europe, and Asia, Expedia suggests that booking more than 30 days ahead of time should result in lower ATPs. Only leaving a month in between still sounds pretty last minute to me, though — CheapAir. Image: cheapair. Natalie Arney, SEO manager at an online flights-only travel agency called Alternative Airlines , mentions that the window of time before purchasing AKA planning at least a month in advance is the more important factor when finding good prices rather than banking on a specific day of the week.

Best days of the week to book vs. best days of the week to fly

She also stresses the fact that finding the cheapest airline tickets isn't the only factor to consider — because it doesn't really matter if you spend next to nothing on airline tickets if your flight time requires you to pay for a hotel the night before, or if you have to fork over a hefty Uber fee with a surged price because the cheap airport was in the middle of nowhere. Looking for low priced tickets isn't a bad thing by any means, but those prices should just be taken with a grain of salt.

Another thing to note: While comparison sites like Expedia and Kayak make weighing your options significantly easier, we'd also suggest taking the extra time to go to the actual websites of airlines to make sure you're seeing all of the prices.