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Plus, when you sign up for email offers, they often email you coupons, too!

CVS 10/13/19-10/19/19 No CRTs Needed Deals Breakdown! All Digital and Printable Coupon Deals!

When you are checking out and doing a more complicated transaction, you will want to make sure and have your coupons in good order so that your transaction goes smoothly. And lastly, give your ECBs. If you have an ECB that is for more than what your total is, they can either manually reduce it down and just take off the amount for your total and thus you lose the rest of your ECB , or you can add on another small item to make up the difference.

I always bring my calculator and tally up the total after coupons to try and make sure I throw in an extra item or two if I need to. You explained this very well. The thing that is confusing me is that when I filled out the form for my card they gave me part of the application that has info for the card holder. It says on there that ECBs will be printed out every 3 months on the receipt. Maybe this is something new or just in our area.

Thanks to your post I feel confident enough to try it out later today. I am so excited to start shopping at CVS! Thanks for the course on how to do it. I cannot wait to be able to show everyone in my area how much I am able to save on items at CVS!!! One thing I found out by experience is to be sure that they scan your CVS card before your first item is scanned! Otherwise, it can really mess up your total.

Thanks for this post, Crystal. I always figured it was more expensive. However, I can see that great deals can be had if I learn the system. Thanks too for the inspiration! Thank you for all of your help on this. I have one additional question pertaining to the following example you used:. Thank you sooo much for taking the time to do this.

I had no idea so many deals could be had at CVS this way. Thank you for helping me save money and provide for my husband and me! Thanks so much for explaining in such detail. The store manager was checking me out on my last visit and she let me know that there is a spot where I can scan my card when I first enter the store. I find the CVS program a little more complicated then other stores, so this was helpful. Thanks for the info!

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Wow, Crystal! Thanks for writing that out! I am so impressed with how you save money at CVS, that I am going to start. Now I know a little bit of how to go about it. I think I will have to print your post out and bring it with me the first time. It all seems so complicated! Great article. Not anymore. Now, I know how to use them. What do you mean by this?

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Thank you for your explanation!! What are these? Would you include the link that you had posted in your other blog for the site that lists the CVS deals by week and month? Since I normally pay for about However, if you were just first starting out and wanted to do the Addidas deal and not spend any more money out of pocket than you have to, splitting it up into 5 different transactions would be the way to go. Our store that we normally shop at does, so I always scan my card first thing when we walk in. Does that make more sense? You are absolutely right that they will just adjust the price down, not pay you cash back.

Sorry if I was unclear on that! Thank you so much for posting this! This is a very big help! Thanks Crystal, this was really helpful. A new CVS just opened up down the street from our neighborhood, so I went yesterday and did some of the deals you suggested. For those of us who are new to the CVS thing, would you mind posting for a few weeks the things you find there? Maybe for Walgreens too, although I think Walgreens is a little easier to figure out!

How are the items listed on the weekly ad I usually view them online that are free after purchase? Just wanted to let you know I tried CVS for the first time and came out really well. Melissa — yes, you can use more than one ECB per transaction.

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I almost always use more than one. A detailed Walgreens will be posted soon. Along with something on Riteaid and maybe some other stores as well. If anyone wants to volunteer to help out in writing up info for a store which has great deals in their region, email me. A question — I too was confused by the way they tell you the ECBs will be printed every 3 months. Am I missing something, or has anyone else encountered this? What you need to do is to bring the ad up with you to the register.

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If you do not get them, do not walk out of the store until you get it resolved. Show them the ad and tell them you were supposed to get the ECBs and did not.

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I have rarely ever, ever not had an ECB print that was advertised. Did they scan your card at the beginning? However, never walk away from the register without the ECBs you were supposed to get.

Calling customer service later is so much harder — at least for me! I have a question. Can I use 2 cvs coupons on one order? I have been a pharmacy technician at CVS for about 10 years. If you have insurance and simply pay a co-pay for your prescriptions, it is definitely worth getting your prescriptiona filled at CVS because you get money back for it. Hope this helps! Another CVS hint. You have to buy both to get the deal. This morning I sat down with the CVS sale flyer to look for deals.

And I think the 4-pack at Wal-Mart is even cheaper. The same scenario for Cottonelle toilet paper — so, my question is this: do you find that CVS prices are marked up with the ECBs making the prices comparable to other stores? It is entirely possible that I found the only two items in the CVS sale flyer that are more expensive than at other stores — so I wanted to ask for your more educated opinion!!

I have also noticed the scenario that 3toddlermama described. I pretty much never pay anything but maybe 30 cents or less when I go in there.

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Every week, I post the best deals for CVS — usually which are free, almost free, or more than free. This will take you to my list of the weekly specials and coupons. I post these lists of deals so that you can quickly scan them and decide whether it is worth it to make a trip to CVS or not that week. Thanks so much!

Thank you for this!! I have read many posts on different sites as to the coupons that are accepted at CVS.